Musical Instrument: Western Orchestral Classification

Are you familiar with the classifications of Musical Instruments?
Throughout history, we play different types of instruments, but probably we are not familiar with its classifications. Classification can be classified by the groups in many ways. A different culture has different classification of music instrument. However, in Western Orchestral, they classified musical instruments into four classifications: brass, strings, percussion, and woodwinds. The modern western orchestral is originated in Europe. Their classification is widely adopted all over the world. Most of the bands and small ensembles made by western orchestral become the most popular.
They divided the typical orchestra into four groups, the following are:
1. Woodwind – The group of instruments that can be played through blowing such as, flute, clarinet, bassoon, and oboe. The sounds of the woodwind instruments depend on their sizes. All the modern woodwinds instrument is played by blowing the mouthpiece and fingering the notes or covering the keys. The sounds release when the orchestral blows across a hole in the side of the instrument (not an end). Woodwind instrument use in occasions like wedding and burial.

2. Brass – Orchestral brass are fully made by metal; it can be a silvery alloy instead of brass. The sound of brass is actually produced by buzzing the mouthpiece. Some of the orchestral brass are trumpet, tuba, trombone, and French horn. Same to the woodwind, the sound of this instrument varies to its sizes.

3. Percussion – For the Western Orchestra, anything that is not categorized as string, woodwinds or brass belongs to percussion group including whistles. Most of the instruments belong to percussion are drums or any other instruments hit by the beaters or drumsticks.

4. Strings – The most common instruments played by strumming the string or sometimes it can be played through plucking. Violin, viola, cello, bass, and guitars are some of the examples of string instruments.
Those classifications of musical instruments are from western orchestral. I hope this article will help you to be familiar with classifications of musical instrument easily.